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Before discussing the specifics of human growth hormone, it is first important to discuss the importance of hormones in and of themselves. Made by cells within the glands and certain organs, hormones circulate through the body fluids, creating specific activity throughout the body itself. They are produced in small amounts over time . which leaves lots of room for error when it comes to their particular functions. A majority of the hormones which regulate growth come from the endocrine and pituitary glands. Human growth hormone, or HGH, is produced by the latter.

The pituitary gland is located on the hypothalamus, which allows it to receive its orders straight from the brain. Therefore, the pituitary gland basically gets its .orders,. concerning the body.s growth, straight from the brain. It instructs the pituitary to promote growth mainly during a human.s childhood and adolescence . hence why so many children go through periodic growth spurts during that period. Depending on their brain.s individual message, they may shoot up all at once . explaining so many gangly, awkward teenagers . or in short bursts over time.

By the same token, sometimes the signals mess up and far less HGH than necessary is produced, indicating growth hormone deficiency. By the same token, sometimes the brain tells the pituitary gland to produce far too much human growth hormone, which is known as hormone growth excess. However, this does not mean that anyone who is particularly short has a deficiency or that anyone very tall has too much HGH . height is dependent on a great many things, not the least of which being genetics and the quality of an individual.s nutrition. Deficiencies and excesses could possibly be genetic as well or simple chromosome configuration. Another cause for both are tumors on the pituitary gland.

There are, then, human growth hormone supplements, which can be used as a treatment for children with human growth hormone deficiency. Because growth continues far past childhood, it can also be used in adults who acquired a deficiency not as children, but in a later age . generally due to pituitary tumors. It can also aid in conditions that affect height but that are not related to the production of HGH, such as Turner.s Syndrome, chronic kidney disease, and severely short stature. Several more controversial uses for HGH as a supplement include Multiple sclerosis and even as an anti-aging effect. It is also said to be able to aid in obesity, Crohn.s disease, and as an athletic enhancement. HGH supplements are often considered to be a homeopathic medicine, but a medicine is indeed the right qualification. Most often, they come in pill form or as injections. One of the biggest pros of HGH as a therapy is that, even in high levels, it rarely causes side-effects and they do not differ much no matter for which problem the human growth hormone is being used.

Before 1985, HGH supplements were made out of human growth hormone that had been taken from the pituitary glands of cadavers, but since, a biosynthetic form of HGH has been created.

There are some types of HGH supplements which come in the form of a spray. Most producers of HGH sprays are very emphatic about labeling it as homeopathic. The process used to create human growth hormone sprays include growth hormone molecules being transferred into water molecules and eventually potentiated. This produces the hormone in higher concentrations that may allow it to work faster and better than some pills.

Most producers of HGH sprays also take care to point out that they are definitely not meant to take the place of hormone replacement therapy, because that can only come through injections. HGH sprays are to be used as supplements, such as the pills labeled under the FDA as dietary supplements. The difference is that some HGH sprays are labeled as homeopathic medicines under the FDA.

Because so many of those who make them do insist HGH sprays are homeopathic, the very idea of HGH sprays is to be a treatment that is as safe as it is effective. The theory of homeopathic medicine is to do the body no harm. It exists in order to help the body help itself. Since it has already been proven that, even in high levels, HGH supplements only rarely produce any side-effects, HGH sprays are as safe as any other means of human growth hormone therapy, always providing that the individual producer of a particular HGH spray guarantees a high-quality source of the synthetic hormone.

Although some of the possible uses for human growth hormone have not been 100% proven, many of its medical benefits have. Providing it is used as directed and with the correct conditions . diet plan, exercise plan, et cetera . human growth hormone supplements, whether they are injections, pills, or sprays, can have many positive affects on a great many conditions. Despite the infrequency of side-effects, it is always important to be careful when taking any kind of medicine or supplement, but the many and varied benefits of HGH are definitely indisputable. In case you are scared of trying HGH, you can always make sure that you have a decent health insurance just in case you needed any medical treatment, you will be safe.

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